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Augmented Insights


APLUSA’s longstanding expertise in market research through global, real-world data collection is enhanced by a growing range of augmented insights solutions including:

Insights by APLUSA

APLUSA’s longstanding expertise in market research through global, real-world data collection is enhanced by a growing range of augmented insights solutions including:

Qualitative techniques that result in better understanding of all aspects of disease management:

  • 360° Reality™ provides qualitative behavioural and emotional insights into the patient journey, comprising of the patient, caregiver and physician perspective. Our combined methodology is perfectly suited to challenging target groups. It provides a comprehensive basis from which to identify opportunities and challenges for marketing planning.
  • Alternate Semi-Groups ASGs™ provide in-depth understanding of the challenges, emotions and unmet needs experienced by both patients and physicians. These are observed groups, where physicians are confronted with authentic patient accounts in real-time. They shine a spotlight on ‘real-life’ connects and disconnects between patient and physician perceptions and experiences. ASGs hold a ‘mirror of reality’ up to physicians, who are challenged by what patients really think and believe, and are thus forced to scrutinise their own perceptions. ASGs are a valuable tool to devise pertinent educational materials for HCPs, to support new product development and to develop disease awareness campaigns.
  • Crossing the Bridge™ In order to change behaviour, we need to understand behaviour. In our Crossing the Bridge approach, we apply principles of behavioural economics to uncover nudges, that in the form of positive reinforcement and indirect suggestion can influence the motives, incentives and decision-making of individuals. Through various projective qualitative exercises, we obtain a clear vision of physicians’ current level of prescribing of a client’s product, and the extent and type of barriers ‘holding them back’, along with identification of key ‘hooks’ and information that could facilitate belief / behaviour change and ultimately increase prescribing.
  • Break-out Co-creation groups: Co-creation is a participatory method to look at concept development, that engages respondents who participate as ‘makers and shapers’ rather than ‘users and choosers’, thus encouraging active involvement. It enables to create a value rich, and relevant experience for customers, and for the company to derive new knowledge and ultimately higher revenues, profitability and superior brand value and loyalty.


StoryOptTM Augmented message testing solutions:

APLUSA’s StoryOptTM is a proprietary message testing and optimization solution that identifies the most effective brand story flow for your campaign. It saves you time and money when message testing. Testing over 40 messages in one 35-minute interview, it allows you to create the brand messaging framework that resonates the most with your target audience. Reducing respondent fatigue and resulting in more accurate and valuable results, the proprietary mathematic model identifies the brand story flow and messaging combinations that will enable you to deliver successful healthcare marketing campaigns.

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ConnectTM is APLUSA’s proprietary enhanced qualitative approach of social media intelligence to create deeper links between what patients experience in their daily lives with the disease, and what physicians perceive from patients.


ESOPTM (Estimated Share of Preference) and Trade-off analysis:

Evaluate the likelihood of potential prescribers to seek to adopt new product formulations, or identify the impact of possible new product configurations on the marketplace, including increased strengths from prescriber and patient perspectives.


CongressTrackTM is an augmented evaluation of the impact of conferences including what physicians retained from various communications, what the impact of this is on their practice, and identifies the most memorable products.

  • Examples of conferences in the scope : ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology), WCD (World Congress of Dermatology), EULAR (European League Against Rhumatism), EHA (European Hematology Association)


Voice-over-NumbersTM is a proprietary tool developped by APLUSA to enrich data collection with audio capture in the course of an on-line quantitative survey, to allow the respondent to provide deeper insights.


APLUSA created MEDataLAKE® to triangulate medical data with machine learning in accordance with GDPR and ethics. Beyond storage, the challenge is to be able to easily process and transform information to accelerate innovation cycles.



Augmented solutions
from AplusA also include:

  • DOL and KOL interviews
  • Patient and caregivers research
  • Market access
  • Segmentation to digital activation
  • Advanced Analytics (Attribute Fluidity™, Tuneable Maps™, Structural Equation Modeling)

Augmented Insights: BRING TOGETHER



Consult this presentation to discover the added value that our social media listening analysis technologies bring by revealing emotional, cognitive, and behavioral indicators in care pathways.


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