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AplusA (with US affiliate AplusA Bell Falla) is a leading global, privately-held healthcare market research consultancy.


Real world data-based insights are the cornerstone of AplusA's reputation for revealing hidden market challenges and opportunities and creating actionable plans to drive brand performance. We partner with our clients to design brand performance monitoring studies and to develop holistic assessments of the patient, healthcare professional, and payer journeys to inform and guide their business decisions.

Our suite of proprietary solutions includes syndicated trackers, innovative message optimization method, advanced analytics, ethnography-inspired and neuroscience-based qualitative studies, and innovative data-visualization and data-integration packages.

Our industry is global by nature

With over 28 years of global experience, international research represents two-thirds of our business and is part of AplusA's DNA. Our multi-cultural team has the experience and the training to both see the global picture and zero in on the specifics of regional and local markets. Our network of approved local partners is unique and ensures consistent quality across countries.

AplusA's organization mirrors our client's organization and reflects our ambition to guide and monitor the healthcare industry transformation
Hemato-Oncology eBook

This eBook gives you an overview of the current and future treatment options in the fast-moving therapeutic area of Hemato-Oncology. Focusing on trends in DLBCL, CLL, AML and Multiple Myeloma, our key insights are available to download now.

ASCO 2019 Augmented Insights eBook

Using social media listening technology and unique healthcare market research expertise, this eBook have compiled key digital insights from social media surrounding the ASCO event of 2019.