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Steve Bell, Senior Partner
Steve Bell

Senior Partner

Juan Falla, Senior Partner
Juan Falla

Senior Partner

AplusA Bell Falla conducts strategic healthcare marketing research in the U.S. and globally. We are a team of senior experts with extensive experience in quantitative marketing research, advanced analytics, and qualitative marketing research. Our team includes some of the best-known names in the industry. We provide our clients with expertise in:

  • Medical science, pharmaceutical markets, and biotech markets.

  • Marketing strategy, planning, tactics, and execution.

  • How to complete projects cost effectively, on or ahead of schedule, and with client and stakeholder confidence and buy-in.

  • The full range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies.


AplusA Bell Falla has a reputation for methodological rigor and creative, actionable solutions to business issues. We are advancing the state-of-art (please see our lists of publications and conference presentations for public-domain examples).


AplusA Bell Falla also has a reputation for customer service, quality, and reliability. If you want to be sure that your project will be a success, you should choose AplusA Bell Falla.


AplusA Bell Falla is the U.S.-based division of AplusA.

Bell Falla had started in 2002 with a staff of three, including founding partners Juan Falla and Steve Bell. By 2016, Bell Falla had grown to over 30 employees. Key factors in the growth of Bell Falla were its reputation for quality, reliability, innovation, and deep knowledge of pharma and biotech markets. AABF retains all of the key staff who made Bell Falla so successful. With its capabilities now enhanced with the resources and global reach of AplusA, AABF should be on your short-list of U.S.-based marketing research partners.


Quantitative Marketing Research


Key Performance Indicator (KPI) discovery and tracking; Explaining KPI performance; Predicting KPI performance; Endpoint attributes™; Attribute fluidity™; Consensus measurement; Individual-level Product Life Cycles; Quantitative measurement of emotional responses; Consideration sets; Attribute Portfolio Analysis (APA); Market positioning maps with products, attributes, and physician ideal points; Triggers to switching (from and to) each product; Physicians’ interactions with patients; Sources of attrition (loss of patient share) across products; Information gaps.

Advanced Analytics


Quant message testing (proprietary SF-OPT™ methodology); Integration of secondary and primary data; Information Board; Poor Man’s conjoint; Perceptual maps (proprietary Tuneable Maps™); Integration of ATU and chart audit data; Integration of payor and physician data (with partner) ; Segmentation across specialties and across countries.

Qualitative Marketing Research


Product positioning research; Product story and messaging platform research; Message testing; Qual/Quant synergy (Qual—Quant and Quant—Qual multiphase studies); Patient Journeys; Physician Journeys; Selecting “interesting” respondents for post-quant TDI deep dives.


Global multi-country & US domestic studies


Business Development Director


Executive Director

Qualitative expert


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US Quant

Department Director


Department Director



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